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About Forbidden Shadows

Welcome to FoRbidden Shadows:

Our goal is for 25 player end game raiding content. Our Raid times though odd from other guilds, are:

Weds: 7pm (servertime) to no later than 10:30 (st)

Saturday/Sunday: 6:15pm-10:30pm servertime:

Invites go out 15 minutes prior to raid time and members are expected to be ontime, being late without any notice will constitute the action of your DPK being docked.  Calender Invites will never be sent for raids, as Ive already posted our raid times. Members of Forbidden Shadows are simply expected to be online for invites at scheduled raiding times.

In order to be a successful raiding guild attendance is a must, with that being said a 83% raid attendance requirement is in place. We have no patience for people who miss raids often, you will be removed or demoted to casual depending on the situation.

We are seeking intelligent players that are both skillful and knowledgable of their classes and rolls. Player standards are compellingly high in Forbidden Shadows, we want players that want to progress and see more content, while finding some fat loot along the way.

Gear level is of little importance to us, we can tell if your pulling your weight for your gear level, and good strong players we are all willing to take the time to help gear, for the right amount of loyalty in return.


We expect you to do extensive reseach on all fights before hand. We also expect you to adapt to our raiding strategies. Consistently dying to simple raid mechanics such as an easily avoidable fire is unacceptable. Your computer needs to be able to run a fair amount of FPS in 25 player raids, uncluding times where we pop all armies and do burn methods. Dont bother applying if you can't meet these needs, your just not what we want. We are human, mistakes happen, we don't like to single out players in our raids for making mistakes, unless they are made frequently.

We as members of Forbidden Shadows take raiding very seriously, but with a mellow environment. We do not accept drama of any kind and have removed several people because of it. If you can't play nice, then this is the guild your looking for.

We are a 25 player progression guild, your on your own to figure out your 10 man raids. However many players are always looking to start ICC 10's, including hard mode groups. So if your around when they form, your chances of getting a group are good as we do not generally like to take non-guilded members.

===ForBidden Shadows Offers:===

-Free Repairs on raid nights to raiders

-Free Gems/Enchanting mats for upgrades aquired during raids

-Monday Night alt run 6:30-10:30 server time, for your geared alts, to keep them active. This raid is completly optional.

If you  think you can meet our needs and would like to be part of FoRbidden Shadows apply within. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Unnforgiven in game during non-raiding times, or send me an email in game.

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